Softvelum Low Delay Protocol

Low latency is an important issue for live streaming industry. Many use cases need lowest possible delay in delivery, such as security, online chats, gaming, bidding and more.
As soon as Flash and RTMP are deing declined by the industry, there is a need for real-time delivery protocol supported on multiple platforms.

Softvelum introduces SLDP - a last-mile delivery protocol to provide sub-second delay between media server output and user playback.

  • SLDP is based on WebSockets for transmission.
  • It uses HTTP and HTTPS on top of TCP so you can use it with any network environment.
  • Real-time ABR is supported to allow switching channels nearly instantly. It takes just a GOP time to start new rendition playback.

Transmuxing and transcoding for SLDP

Nimble Streamer takes most popular protocols as input for further processing. They are RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, SRT, UDT, HLS Icecast and SHOUTcast. , Once the data is received it can be transmuxed into all supported live streaming protocols which include SLDP among others.
Server passes though the content without changes in case of transmuxing, so whatever the original protocol carries, it will be brought via SLDP to a client.

Live Transcoder can be used in this pipeline in cases when some content transformation is needed. This might be downscaling for ABR, filtering, re-sampling, changing profile or whatever else is needed. Transcoder produces H.264 video with AAC or MP3 audio so the target platform should be able to play that.

If the ABR SLDP stream is produced, each single bitrate stream within ABR stream may use its own codec or different profile of the same codec. So your FullHD streams may use high profile and other lower resolution streams will use H.264 baseline.

From scenarios setup perspective, SLDP is just one more protocol in our bundle so you can use the same setup instructions as you use for your other input methods. Check RTMP scenarios as examples.

Clients support

SLDP can be played in HTML5 browsers with MSE on support using our JavaScript player. Android and iOS will soon be covered by native SDKs.
Visit our SLDP players page to see what you can use on client side.

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